Corporate Champions

Corporate champions leverage their industry experience, prestige, and resources to enable knowledge transfers, boost innovation, and disseminate knowledge to the ecosystem.

The Roots Corporate Champions:

  • Provide experienced professionals to support and advise companies by taking on the role of the Mentor
  • Share their knowledge about the market and topical issues in their sector
  • Sponsor training workshops, events, and networking opportunities
  • Participate in Roots events and other program activities

Our Corporate Champions


“Citi’s partnership with Roots is yet another expression of our long-standing commitment to Greece. Under the Roots platform, CitiVolunteers will work with visionary entrepreneurs to help them build the company they envision, create new jobs and strengthen the SMEs market that has always been the backbone of the Greek economy. Above goes hand in hand with Citi’s institutional mission of enabling growth and economic progress and we are privileged to be afforded the opportunity...


​​​​​​​ “ElvalHalcor, as an active member of the Greek capital markets and the industrials sector worldwide, is proud to support the Roots Programme, aimed at unlocking opportunities for the Greek SMEs and start-up companies by providing guidance and knowledge sharing”.


"One of the main pillars of Hellas Gold’s strategy on Sustainable Development and Responsible Mining is the support of the local community and economy of Halkidiki. In this context, we consistently invest in initiatives which enhance parallel economic activities in the Aristotle Municipality and develop partnerships with local suppliers supporting the local economy. In the same philosophy, the Roots Program is an opportunity to expand our support at a national level aiming to...

National Bank of Greece

“For NBG, investing in innovative entrepreneurship and supporting SMEs is similar to investing in a better tomorrow. ​​​​​​​Supporting “Roots” at fostering innovative SMEs to accelerate their growth and access new financial resources is a proof of our commitment to actively participate in initiatives enhancing entrepreneurship and triggering economic growth and innovation”. ​​​​​​​


"SMEs and start-ups are the driving force of the Greek economy. Papastratos, having itself recently changed everything and undergone a huge transformation after 88 years of presence and active contribution in the Greek economy, has been supporting the start-up ecosystem firmly believing that this will be pivotal in the growth of the country. We look forward to working with the participants of the ROOTS program.".

Piraeus Bank

​​​​​​​ “For Piraeus Bank, the largest financer of the Greek Economy, the support for small and medium-sized entrepreneurship is a key priority. In a constantly transforming international economic environment, the economic recovery of the economy will be based, among others, on the ability to promote and finance innovative business plans, the implementation of which will constitute the starting point, as well as the catalyst for economic growth, in particular regarding the...


​​​​​​​ "Supporting the growth of SMEs and their access to financing tools, expertise and opportunities, is essential towards establishing these businesses and ensuring they will remain competitive in a global market, while also increasing their significance in the Greek economy. ​​​​​​​TEMES, as a leading company in the tourism sector, views its participation at the Roots program as its obligation and responsibility, aiming to share our business knowledge with new companies...


​​​​​​​ "SMEs and start-ups are the backbone of the Greek economy and hold the power to become the driving force for its growth.  TITAN is a proud supporter of the Roots program; drawing upon 100+ years of experience, we are excited to share our business knowledge and expertise with pioneering entrepreneurs and help unleash this power to bring technological advancement, innovation and development to the forefront". ​​​​​​​

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